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Robert Rivani, President, Black Lion

By May 24, 2024June 3rd, 2024No Comments

The Lincoln at 1691 Michigan Avenue-Luxury “Class-X’ Office

Robert Rivani, president of Black Lion, a real estate investment firm with offices in Miami and Los Angeles that epitomizes elevated luxury and innovative disruption within the real estate industry. Robert Rivani is a visionary who has invested over $250 million into Miami real estate in the past few years and is venturing into the commercial office sector with his largest and most ambitious acquisition to date, the $62.5 million purchase of ‘The Lincoln’ on Miami Beach.

The Lincoln Road Business Improvement District spoke with Robert Rivani about his recent acquisition located within the Lincoln Road BID.


1. What factors influenced your decision to open your business on Lincoln Road?

Miami Beach is arguably the hottest and most attractive market in the country for a myriad of reasons. That, coupled with what Black Lion is going to do at The Rivani, made it a no-brainer to open our headquarters at The Lincoln, which features nearly 119,000 square feet of office space and over 43,000 square feet of retail. We are excited to be in our new space by September 1, 2024.

This section of Miami Beach (17th and Michigan) is the gateway to all things Miami Beach, including South Beach, Lincoln Road and Sunset Harbor. The location allows for a diverse mix of local and visitor demographics, attracting people from around the globe. The Miami Beach office market has very little inventory. Thus, finding and curating an already existing office building proved to be very enticing for Black Lion.

Lincoln Road is on the cusp of another resurgence, which is exciting for all of Miami Beach. It will further enhance the desire for people and businesses to visit or live here. Miami Beach continues to grow, and the city is very pro-business. Having a municipality that supports our business plan was very important to us. As an international local and tourist destination, Lincoln Road provides consistent visibility and foot traffic, which is important for almost any business in the world.

2. What role, if any, does the BID have in your opening? 

The BID is always important in any retail district since its role is to create a favorable commercial environment by managing and marketing the destination while advocating for the business owners within its boundaries. As we continue to develop our plans for this building, we will be seeking further involvement and support from the BID.

3. How do you envision your business’ future development and growth and what are your predictions for the future of Miami Beach as a whole?

The Rivani will be the prototype for future developments by Black Lion. We are excited by the opportunity to bring our vision to life in the city of Miami Beach first.

Miami Beach has a fantastic future. The city officials are pro-business and stand behind their residents the right way. They also continue to welcome people from around the world into their community, which will result in a global ecosystem within a major market.