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Condé Nast Traveler
How to Shop at Flea Markets While Traveling—According to a Pro
The 26 Best Things to Do in Miami
Condé Nast Traveler is a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine reaching 4,486,574 unique visitors per month! 

Brickell Magazine
November Issue – Artsy Stroll
Brickell Magazine covers lifestyle, culture, dining and more in the Miami area, and has a circulation of over 30,000! 

Aventura Magazine
Aventura Magazine November issue 2023
Aventura Magazine is the primary source of lifestyle information in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area covering trends in dining, fashion, fun and celebrities, with a circulation of over 35,000! 

Ocean Drive
Lincoln Road To Unveil 45-Foot Sculpture For Miami Art Week
Ocean Drive is the quintessential fashion and lifestyle magazine for South Florida, delivering the latest trends in fashion, beauty, art, travel, real estate, and entertainment, engaging 27,793 unique visitors per month! 

Modern Luxury Miami
Lincoln Road To Unveil 45-Foot Sculpture For Miami Art Week
Modern Luxury Miami is a high-end luxury lifestyle publication that champions the vibrant style and sophistication of the greater Miami area, reaching 4,983 unique visitors per month!

El Nuevo Herald
Online: Los 5 mejores nuevos lugares en Lincoln Road
Print: Los 5 mejores nuevos lugares en Lincoln Road
El Nuevo Herald is a Spanish-language newspaper outlet in Florida published daily covering local, national, and international news, engaging 1,023,010 unique visitors per month! 

The Miami Herald + Newsletter
Miami weather advisories span the weekend. What about Halloween? What the forecast says
Online: How Miami takes Halloween to a new level. What to know about frights — fantasy and real
Print: How Miami takes Halloween to a new level. What to know about frights — fantasy and real
The Miami Herald is a premier newspaper sharing the latest updates on all Florida news, covering culture, restaurants, events and breaking news, engaging 9,284,603 unique visitors per month! 

Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau
R-Evolution: Sculpture by Marco Cochrane
The GMCVB is a source of information for anyone living in or visiting Miami, reaching 221,310 unique visitors per month! 

Tailgates, Booze Tastings, and a New Music Venue to Fill Your Weekends in Miami
Thrillist is an online media website covering food, drink, travel and entertainment and has an average of 3,798,416 unique visitors per month!

Mann Publications
Lincoln Road Will Be Home to Art Week’s Centerpiece With Monumental 45-foot-tall Burning Man Sculpture During Miami Art Week
Mann About Town is a monthly business-to-business magazine – with a consumer twist. Mann About Town delivers exclusive travel, dining, wellness, and real estate content to New York’s upper echelon. 

Cuba en Miami
Los mejores lugares para celebrar Halloween en Miami en el 2023
Cuba en Miami is a Spanish news and information space for Cubans in Miami and all over the world, engaging 43,52 unique visitors per month! 

Secret Miami
A Towering Burning Man Sculpture Is Coming To Lincoln Road For Miami Art Week
Secret Miami is the city’s hyperlocal source for all things Miami destinations, activities and more, engaging 30,521 unique visitors per month! 

Miami on the Cheap
Free block party & trick-or-treating: Halloween on Lincoln Road, South Beach
Miami on the Cheap shares insight on where to get the best deals in the area on everything from restaurants to retail, garnering 69,415 unique visitors per month! 

Axios Miami Newsletter
Things to do this weekend
Axios Miami is a primary source of information covering local politics, dining, trends and events, reaching 14,472,595 unique visitors per month! 

Calle Ocho News
Miami’s Lincoln Road unveils monumental ‘R-Evolution’ sculpture by Marco Cochrane during Miami Art Week
Calle Ocho News publishes coverage on all of the exciting events, restaurants, politics and breaking news that takes place in Miami, engaging 4,735 unique visitors per month!

La Nacion
Halloween en Miami: las mejores fiestas y lugares para celebrar
La Nación (The Nation) is an Argentine daily newspaper, reaching 30,022,554 unique visitors per month! 

Fashion Week Online
Lincoln Road Will Be Home to Miami Art Week’s Centerpiece With Monumental 45-Foot-Tall Burning Man Sculpture
Fashion Week Online is dedicated to promoting and demystifying the world of fashion and design, engaging 129,122 unique visitors per month! 

Miami Guide Newsletter
Best Miami Events
The Miami Guide offers an online platform where visitors can find news and cultural events in Miami and has grown into a premier promotional vehicle for brands and events in Miami, engaging 20,500 newsletter subscribers! 

Luxury Guide
Lincoln Road Adds New Stores for Everyone to Shop This Fall
Luxury Guide showcases the latest trends in real estate, home design, art, cars, fashion, worldwide travel destinations, and more, engaging 779 unique visitors per month! 

Spot on Florida
Lincoln Road To Unveil 45-Foot Sculpture For Miami Art Week
Spot On Florida is a premium news and information aggregation website, reaching 25,043 unique visitors per month! 

Miami Curated
Eating News November ’23 – Part 1
Miami Curated is a local blog covering amazing food, stylish fashion and the Miami culture, engaging 1,968 unique visitors per month!

Miami New Times
Photos: Miami Turned Out in Style for Halloween on Lincoln Road
Miami New Times is a local news source covering restaurants, art, culture, things to do and more in the Miami area, engaging 720,725 unique visitors per month! 

Yahoo Sports
How Miami takes Halloween to a new level. What to know about frights — fantasy and real
Yahoo Sports shares news on sports and entertainment happenings, reaching 26,057,856 unique visitors per month!