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Congratulations to Lincoln Road fashion icon Liliana Montoya on a fantastic show during Miami Swim Fashion Week 2023!

The LILIANA MONTOYA Swim brand brings to the market a “Daily luxury -without ostentation- fun swimwear”. Since 2006, every garment and detail of the LILIANA MONTOYA Swim line has been created and applied by hand including its iconic signature detail, the gold touched Heart ornament.

Liliana Montoya is the Founder and Creative Director of LILIANA MONTOYA Swim. Based in Miami Beach, Florida. Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. In 2006 Liliana Montoya brings her creative vision to reality. She starts her brand under her name, with an exclusive quantity, feminine line offering flattering products of high quality and embellished by hand. Fabrics, Lycras, and accessories are all from Colombia. With her tropical roots and Latin-based diverse designs, her unique style is influenced by her culture, adding luxury without ostentation.

The influence of Latin America’s colors and trends are reflected in the countless details that also generate a strong visual impact. Every garment and detail of Liliana Montoya’s brand is created with the search for flirty, romantic, and unique products that explore new trends, mixing textures and silhouettes.

As a Iconic touch, when she was a child, she replaced the M from Montoya in her signature with a Heart and it became the registered Trademark of the Brand. Each bikini includes a gold touched Heart ornament, that represents the passion she embraces in every single piece.

Liliana Montoya’s collections have been featured in runways like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Miami International Fashion Week, and Funkshion Swim Week. Her bikinis have been on the cover of Harper Bazar “Argentina” (Jan /15), and editorials in Magazines such as Sports Illustrated, FHM, Maxim, GQ, Women’s Health, Seventeen, Marie Claire and many more.