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Drawing classes, live performances among new additions to Lincoln Road’s entertainment lineup

By August 18, 2023No Comments

From 7 News Miami
AUGUST 16, 2023

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Lincoln Road is definitely not the road less traveled, and with all its fun and flair, it’s easy to see why tourists and locals love to check it out. Now the outdoor mall is adding more to its entertainment lineup, with drawing classes and live performances. We’ve got a peek at all the fun to come.

The temperature may be hot, but it’s got nothing on all the fun at Lincoln Road Mall.

Anabel Llopis: “There’s always something happening on Lincoln Road. From live music to drawing classes to free yoga classes, there’s always something happening.”

And it’s all for your enjoyment.

Anabel Llopis: “Everything we do on Lincoln Road is for our community. It’s one of the places people come and gather and really have a great time.”

Grab some Messi swag from the Adidas Inter Miami pop-up, or enjoy tunes from the men and women in uniform.

How about blending the rules during the Drink and Draw class at Habitat Hyett?

Kyle Hyett: “Habitat Hyett is hosting in partnership a Drink and Draw with the Oolite Arts Center, our neighbors here on Lincoln Road. We will be providing the vibes and the great drinks, and they will be bringing their model as well as an instructor to walk you through the evening.”

The boutique has tons of vintage furniture to get you inspired and feeling artsy.

Kyle Hyett: “Once you arrive in, you’ll pick up your supplies at the front, and you’ll also get your cocktail, and then, once you find your seat, the model will arrive, and the instructor will really go through and really give pointers.”

No experience required — oh, and leave the kids at home, because the model is in the nude.

Sarah Ferrer: “They set up the whole place with candles and music, and it made it really relaxing and just a great atmosphere to come draw.”

Anabel Llopis: “If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, the event is a great thing to do solo, if you have nothing to do this Friday night, if you’re a couple looking for something to spice it up, or if you want to just go out with your girls. Also, you could learn something about art.”

The Drink and Draw class happens this Friday. For more information on what else is happening at Lincoln Road, click here.