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Lincoln Road is thought to be the first outdoor pedestrian shopping district of its kind in the United States. Originally created by Carl Fisher in 1912, the road was redesigned as pedestrian-only by Architect Morris Lapidus in the early 1960s. Lincoln Road is the heart of Miami Beach and is integrated tightly with arts and culture organizations including the Colony Theatre, The New World Symphony, The Fillmore Miami Beach and The Miami Beach Convention Center.


*Note – the data presented here is subject to change but represents current figures collected between 2022-2024

Key Points

Lincoln Road is a dynamic, urban district spanning Miami Beach and is among the first pedestrian shopping streets in the USA – a beloved destination for shopping, dining, and cultural events.

As one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the Miami region, Lincoln Road welcomes 8.1 million domestic visits and 1.7 million international visits annually.

26.5 million visitors a year arrive in Miami, with 19.2 million staying overnight. (Source: GMCVB)

Lincoln Road

.58 Mile – 8 blocks
23K visitors to Lincoln Road Daily
281 Businesses
65 Restaurants

Over 800,000 SF of retail
Over 1M SF of office space line the road

Miami Beach Convention Center

600,000 Visitors Annually
$620 Million Renovation & Expansion
505,000 SF of Exhibition Space
870 New Parking Spaces
10 Additional Meeting Rooms
2 blocks from Lincoln Road

Visitor Data

locals love lincoln

Lincoln Road is the most frequently visited location in Miami Beach for people living locally.
Over 69% of local residents visit 2-3 times a month
City of Miami Beach Resident Survey 2019

Miami Beach Statistics

Total Population 91,718
Total Hospitality Sales 2,085,866,000
Total retail sales, 1,556,800,000
Total retail sales per capita, $17,185

Source US Census Bureau

Visitors to Lincoln Road – Origins

Miami Dade County 37.25%
Outside of the USA 40%
Elsewhere in the USA 13.5%
Other locations in FL 10%

Source GMCVB survey 2018

Domestic Overnight Visitors

43% Stay on Miami Beach
75% Stay in Hotels
4.2 Days average length of stay
37% have household income of +$100K
$928 total spend per person

Source GMCVB

International Overnight Visitors

43% Stay on Miami Beach
68% Stay in Hotels
6.7 Days average length of stay
27% have household income of +$100K
$1.6K total spend per person

Source GMCVB

Culture Counts

New World Symphony
80,000 attend all events annually.

  • 21,000 at Free WALLCAST
  • 21,656 Private Events/Concerts
  • 36,560 at New World Symphony Concerts

The Fillmore Miami Beach

  • Part of LiveNation
  • Over 120,000 tickets annually
  • Performances by Madonna, Sting, Adam Ant, New Order and many others.

The Colony Theatre

  • Premier Regional Theatre
  • 40,000 tickets sold annually
  • Contemporary productions in English and Spanish.

REGAL South Beach

  • 18 State-of-the-Art theaters
  • IMAX and IMAX 3d Screens.