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The Lincoln Road Business Improvement District (BID) and the Nader Art Museum are exhibiting 13 monumental Botero sculptures on the pedestrian promenade from November – Spring 2020. The monumental bronze sculptures by world renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero are installed along the length of Lincoln Road between Alton Road and Washington Ave.

“Fernando Botero is one of the world’s most iconic and recognized Masters. He has certainly earned his place in history,” said Gary Nader, Founder of Nader Art Museum. “Being around his artwork is pleasing to the eye and brings a smile to the face of all of those who see it. This exhibition on Lincoln Road will allow visitors and locals to get a closer look at Botero’s most celebrated monumental masterpieces.”

Estimated 6 million visitors accessing the promenade through the Alton Road entrance will be welcomed by one of Botero’s most illustrious sculptures “Male Torso.” Stroll further, and visitors will come across “Rape of Europa,” “Leda and the Swan,” and “Bird,” among others. Those entering from Washington Avenue will be greeted by “Adam” and “Eve” sculptures. In addition to the monumental sculptures, the Nader Art Museum will present ‘Espacio Botero,’ to further showcase the prolific artist’s beautiful paintings and stunning sculptures.

Botero, with his immense sculptures, manipulates forms, proportions, volumes, and sizes to create smooth, round, and plump humans and animals that transform their surroundings and generate an immediate response from the viewer. He once said of his sculptures, “I never give particular traits to my figures. I don’t want them to have personality, but rather represent a type that I create. My sculptures do not carry any messages, social or otherwise. What matters for me is the form, the voluptuous surfaces, which emphasize the sensuality of my work. I like the enormous size; it is the fulfillment of my longing for voluptuous round forms.”